The Five Flies

Last year I went to Amsterdam with my girlfriend to celebrate her birthday. … We always enjoy this “water” city.

Walking through “de grachten” and seeing all these little shops (no not the coffeeshops). I’m sure that in the near future I’ll also be putting a blogpost about the city of Amsterdam. In this post I would actually like to draw your attention to a very nice refined restaurant I received the address from a. The Netherlands are not really well known for its good gastronomy, but this restaurant showed me different!

 The restaurant in question is Restaurant vijf vlieghen. Also called Culinary museum! A restaurant decorated with original Rembrandt paintings, wall’s coated with gold leather wall covering from the 17th century

You really feel like being back in time. We felt like Lord and Lady McSpinelli 🙂  (and my girlfriend was even on some kind of wooden throne). We enjoyed this restaurant from the first second we walked in.  The restaurant serves traditional Dutch ingredients in a refined way. To start we tried dishes like red beetroot marinated raw salmon with macarons of beetroot and salted lemon crème fraiche. Followed by  suckling pig cutlets with eggplant, young goat’s cheese potato muffin, white balsamic vinegar and vadouvan gravy  and Crispy fried veal sweetbread with stewed cheek of veal, watercress, kohlrabi and smoked butter mousseline… to finish with some very good dessert Lemon curd with raspberries, fritter of in sugar candied olives and basil ice cream. Drinking water with this would have really been a shame!

 When I get the whine list in Belgium or the Netherlands I’m always in doubt what wine shall I take? As When I’m in France, I will always drink French wine, the same goes for Italy

So when I looked at the winelist,it was a difficult choice. Untill the moment I saw that they also served Dutch wine. So we decided to try the 2009 Apostelhoeve Pinot Gris and I really have to say that we were surprised of the quality of this wine. We really recommend it to anyone.

“Smakelijk” and enjoy your trip back in time


Retaurant d’ Vijff vlieghen:


Address :

Spuistraat 294-302
1012 VX Amsterdam

 Phone n°: +31 (0)20 53 04 060

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