Rome’s trendy village of taste

When in Rome do as the romans… Literally this time , but then for the trendier Romans.  Rome is a city I really love (surprise surprise). The history, the beautiful buildings, the fact it is in Italy, etc… I already visited the city a few times, and like in any other city I’ve tried to find good food . One of the restaurants I go to every time I am in Rome is restaurant Gusto. You could actually call it a restaurant village, as they have a Osteria (kind of a Italian snackbar), Winebar, Restaurant, Pizzeria, Formaggeria (cheesebar), a cookbook store and a wineshop.It is all on the same block at Piazza Augusto Imperatore, which is close to the Via del corso. Gusto is one of THE trendy hotspots in Rome and no matter which of the locations you choose, they are all great. For lunch the Osteria, in the evening the restaurant and afterwards the wine or regular bar to enjoy some live jazz music …. Sounds like a pretty perfect day to me!. But of course, do not forget to enjoy one of the world’s most ancient cities between your meals 😉

If I can’t convince you, just walk by the restaurant and I’m sure you’ll be very tempted. Booking a table might be recommended.

If you prefer a more traditional location, I’m sure I’ll post one soon

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