Aux Vieux Bruxelles

Brussels, I never know what to think of this city. I don’t come often in Brussels. Either it is because I have a project there for work there or occasionally just for shopping with my girlfriend.  Another reason is the following one. Some of you might know that I’m a drummer and that I have some American drummer friends coming on tour through Belgium (the same who actually convinced me to start blogging) and as I know that being on tour for months is not always as nice as lots of you might think, I always try to let them relax and stop thinking of their daily routine of travelling – hotel- playing-travelling by taking them out to have a good bite and drink. Brussels is usually the preferred place for tour managers to choose their hotel (because of the highway access + close by airport). Of course, Brussels has hundreds of restaurants, but I mostly like to take my friends to eat some typical Belgian food… like “Stoofvlees”, Mussels, etc… A place I’ve already took some of my friends was Aux Vieux Bruxelles.

It is like going back in time.  Old brown varnished benches, red-white squared tablecloths. Already by seeing that I feel so happy (don’t ask me why, maybe it’s the child in me) and I immediately feel like sitting down and eat more than I can handle. Last time I had “Vol-au-vent”, a small puff pastry filled with a kind of white stew sauce with chicken, little meatballs, mushrooms a squeeze of lemon and topped with a “sauce hollandaise”   (some also put a bit of tarragon). Two of my friends took the mussels (as at that time it was the season) and another friend took shrimps with garlic butter and some vegetables with it. And all of this accompanied with freshly made French fries.

The good thing about this place is that it is not too touristy, most of the people coming here are from Brussels… that usually is my reference to know if the place is worth the visit


Restaurant Aux vieux Bruxelles




Rue Saint-Boniface 35
1050 Brussels , Belgium


Phone n°: +32 (0)2 503 31 11



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