Two days ago I had a nice dinner at Bistro and winebar “The Glorious”. I actually arrived a little bit too late, so my friends already started with a glass of champagne (not bad for a Tuesday night). When I arrived I could off course not do less than my friends, so I joined them in their champagne vibe. It was a nice glass of champagne, but for a winebar I would have expected that they would have chosen a more special champagne.  The “amuse-gueules” were really nice, freshly made grissini and tapenade… So basically a flying start. After that I had the “Seawolf accompanied by a risotto with in olive oil marinated summer vegetables and basil”, my friends had the “Sweetbread (Kalfszwezerik) with artichokes, mushrooms and port jus” and   “Rib-eye with red raspberry tarragon sauce”… I had a taste of all 3 dishes (don’t worry, I left some for my friends J ) and I have to say that all 3 were very good! You really taste the good quality of the ingredients and the plats looked like beautiful paintings . Off course we didn’t drink water to accompany this meal, as the choice of wines at “The glorious” is wide, we just asked the sommelier what he would recommend. He suggested us a South African Red wine, the Pinotage (a cross between Pinot Noir and Cinsault)  from Sumaridge winery. We really enjoyed the choice, the wine was a little bit sweeter and fruitier . We didn’t have a starter, so we felt morally obliged to have a dessert (every excuse is good). It was actually a big surprise because most desserts were made by Master chocolatier Pierre Marcolini. My friends actually discovered it, they took the” Biscuit from dark chocolate , crème brûlee  with Madagascar vanilla , pieces of red raspberry, sabajon of milk chocolate and red raspberry sorbet “ and the other one enjoyed his “Chocolate pie with a hazelnut crust, orange, chocolate mousse from dark Ecuadorian chocolate  with a little Moelleux au chocolat”. They discovered it, because without knowing, they had exactly the same dessert a few weeks ago at the Pierre Marcolini shop…  funny stuff!!  The coffees were also accompanied by Marcolini sweets…

All by all a very nice restaurant and I would definitely return.

 Restaurant The Glorious:



                Burburestraat 4a

                 2000 Antwerp, Belgium

 Phone n°: +32 (0) 3 237 06 13

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