I would lie if I would say that I don’ t like greasy food J  . I could of course always temper this hunger by going to the traditional fast-food chain restaurant … but as you might know by now, I always like something more special. When I really feel like grabbing a great burger,  I go to “Lunchbox”. This places serves the best freshly made hamburger with fresh bread. Besides that they also have great wraps and wok dishes. All the products used in this restaurant are from excellent quality. If you for example take the Chicken steak, this would be a hamburger with a real chicken filet, pineapple, ketchup, onion and some salad (accompanied with French fries and a tasty salad). The bigger challenge would be taking the mega bacon burger, I cannot even fit it in my mouth. I also like the tuna melt, a wrap with tuna and cheddar cheese. For all you vegies, don’t worry they also have a ton of vegetarian dishes!!

If after eating all of that and you would still find a spot,  you should definitely take one of their homemade muffins, brownies or other sweets (my favorite is the raspberry apple muffin)

 Lunchbox is located in the “Quartier Latin”, not sure why they gave it this name (but let’s just accept it). Right across the “Stadschouwburg” (city theater) on the big square. In summertime they always have a big terrace on this square (with blankets in case the ladies get cold)

If you would go there in weekends, on the big square, there is a very big open air market called “Vogeltjes markt”.

Restaurant Lunchbox:



                Nieuwstad 8-10 (Theaterplein)

                 2000 Antwerp, Belgium

 Phone n°: +32 (0) 3 231 04 79

One thought on “Lunchbox

  1. Hey Spinelleke,

    You missed the last time we went there… If you are free, we could go somewhere this Saturday afternoon! I always had great food at Lunchbox!

    As a “Belgo-Latin” person I didn’t know that this place was named “Quartier Latin”…


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