Chocolate, sweeeeeeeeet like chocolate (part 2)

And so the story continues …

Another one of my favorits would be Dominique Persoone’s  Chocolate Line. Has 3 stores, one is even mentioned in the Guide Michelin. The Antwerp store is  in the previous Royal Palace, even Napoleon lived in this palace. His chocolates are served in the world’s best restaurants like Oud Sluis en Hof Van Cleve ( 17th and 15th best restaurants in the world) He created  a special chocolate experience for the Rolling Stones’ birthday, the chocolate shooter. He gives master classes worldwide and the list goes on and on with great achievements from Dominique.  So basically if you are in Antwerp or in Bruges, try them!!  Or if you get to chance to see one of his master classes, do it because they are really special. Check out this video from when he meets the hairy bikers .


If you on the other hand want to experience the chocolates they serve at the Royal Palace in Belgium, you should definitely try Goossensand feel royal 🙂

Last but not least, I should talk about Callebaut chocolate that now celebrates its 100th years. Callebaut started with producing chocolate bars and is one of the major producers of chocolate for both consumers as professional chocolatiers. There chocolate bars get used for making chocolate mousse, pies, and are used as base for the famous Belgian chocolates.  After merging with Cacao Barry, Barry Callebaut is the world’s biggest chocolatier . They also gives professional workshops worldwide and even have an own academy.

Why do I always get so hungry when writing this stuff 🙂


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