A touch of class

Let me take you on a nice trip down memory lane. For many years my parents, my brother and I used to travel to Italy by car.  When my  brother and I got  a bit older, we always stopped in hotel “Du Parc”in Obernai. Obernai is a little town  just outside of Strasbourg (well-known for the European Parliament, etc….  ) located in France’s Alsace region.  What you will notice if you ever get the change to go to there, is the German (maybe even Austrian) influence that is noticeable everywhere as this region has been part of Germany for many years. What I like about this region is that you  have the feeling that you are traveling back in time because of  the nice flowers on the balconies, seeing beautiful murals (on façade of the houses) and the friendliness of the people. For some strange reason I always feel like putting on some Lederhosen (don’t worry, I never really did it) when I’m walking around.  Sorry, I got carried away for a moment J , back to hotel “Du Parc”.

 Hotel “Du Parc” is a 4 star hotel, but if you ask me it could easily be a 5 star hotel. The hotel has a good combination of old Alsatian style, modern elements mixed with a touch of class. This goes for the whole hotel. The rooms are also of a nice size and you can choose between modern or local style rooms that have all comfort needed. You can also relax at the in- or outside pool, spa, or peaceful garden. My favorite part of staying at this hotel is eating (surprise surprise). At lunchtime you eat at this old fashion “Stub” where you can enjoy the best local cuisine (don’t worry it’s not only heavy food) and enjoy this accompanied with a nice Riesling (which is the wine from this region and one of my preferred white wines).

In the evening, it is the total opposite story!  Be ready to bade in luxury.  In the “La Table” restaurant, the Wucher family (Owners of the hotel) tries to give you the best gastronomical experience you have ever had. A mix of local cuisine is a brought in a refined way and French cuisine. Highly recommended is the home made “Foie gras” or as dessert the “Tarte aux Brimbelles” (a blueberry tartlet) and again all of this accompanied by superb wines, as the hotel has a wonderful wine list (personally I like trying local products). Being served by the owners from the hotel is something I highly appreciate and is something very rare in this kind of hotels.

After a nice night of sleep you will be very pleased with the breakfast, food as far as the eye can see J + freshly squeezed orange juice!!

 Hope you’ll enjoy your stay!!

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