Thinking of soya, the link to Asian food is immediately made. Personally I wasn’t really convinced in the beginning when the soy products started to find their way into our kitchens. But I have to admit that I have changed my mind as I started using more soya products when cooking. Did you know that soya was already used as nutrition in the 18th century?   The most well know soya product would definitely be soya sauce used to dip your sushi or for stir-fried dishes .

The reason why I had to start using Soya products, is because my girlfriend has become lactose intolerant. So now I use soy milk, soy cream, soy margarine, etc… There is 1 thing I don’t use, and that’s Tofu. The reason is simple, if I want meat I eat meat and nothing to replace it!!  You guys should really try to sometimes replace dairy products with Soya products, for example if you make my chocolate cake (that I posted a while ago), use the soy margarine… you won’t taste the difference… and this is the case with most of the soya products.

Some very good cookbooks I have for cooking with soya (as a base) would be “Elke dag gezond” in Dutch and “The new soy cookbook” in English (by Lorna Sass). The following recipes that I tried were really nice:

  • sea-devil with basilsauce
  • Cannelloni filled with punchy lamb
  • Chicken filled with baby pineapple

 OK, it is true that some dishes just need really farm butter. But some for some things you can replace it .

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