Get unexpectedly surprised

Sometimes I really have no inspiration of where I need to go and eat, even dough Antwerp is filled with great restaurants. I don’t always feel like going to the ones you usually go, I basically feel like trying something new. So then I start bugging friends if they don’t know nice places I should try. On one of these evenings I went to restaurant “à l’ improviste” which means unexpectedly in English and that is the least I can say about this wonderful place of gastronomy.  Honestly, I don’t know why I didn’t go to this restaurant before, because I used to pass by a lot… Anyhow, this restaurant is a must to anyone who like to be surprised by food and to explore new tastes. You have the choice between a 4 or 5 course menu that the chef introduces at the table. And if there are things you don’t like or you’d prefer to leave out, the chef is more than happy to do so. They only use season and fresh products that get prepared in their open kitchen which allows the visitors to see that everything gets prepared with a lot of care. I choose for the 5 course menu  and I enjoyed every bit of it  and as a Nutella hazelnut lover, I really loved the Nutella/hazelnut icecream 🙂 🙂(mmmm, if only I could have some while I’m writing). As you would expect in a restaurant like this, they foresee wines that perfectly match the courses. It doesn’t happen much that I think by myself, man  I want this at home … but here I remember buying all the wines I had that evening 🙂  for example the Schreuebe (white wine) from Geilwas one of them (they also have nice Riesling and Kerner). This gives the restaurant an even better value, as you can buy all their wines and some of their products in their wineshop/lunchrestaurant / tastingbar “à l’ infintiste” , where I also had a small lunch (with great wines)  a few times and also liked this a lot.

 So get unexpectedly surprised at “à l’ improviste”

Restaurant à ‘l improviste


                Mechelsesteenweg 112

                2018 Antwerp, Belgium

Phone n° : +32 (0)3 216 33 03

2 thoughts on “Get unexpectedly surprised

  1. Christof, You just amaze me. Your blog is the culinary blog I was waiting for… Honestly. You are not only an excellent writer, you also share the love for the food (and wines) that I like. So please, keep going. It’s just great reading your stuff. I am really looking forward to share a table with you (and you know who).

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