The Costiera Amalfitana, One of my favorite places in Italy

Just below Napels, we find one of the most breathtaking parts of Italy, “La Costiera Amalfitana”. It is one of my favorite parts of Italy. It was actually during a trip through Italy with my dad that I discovered this Italian piece of heaven. The coastline is protected by UNESCO  and is considered as one of the most beautiful coasts in the world.

Things you should really have seen when you would go to the Costiera are:

  • Amalfi’s beautiful Duomo (people in South of Italy take religion really serious)
  • Positano (used in a lot of movies, like under the Tuscany sun)
  • Praiano
  • Ravello’s Terrazza dell’ infinito (also the flowergarden of Villa Rufolo)
  • Scala, the oldest town on this coastline
  • Vietri sul Mare
  • I could keep on naming things must see but the list would really be endless

What I liked about being here, was that you can travel everywhere by boat. This also the most advisable way to travel, as a red traffic light is just a suggestion!!

All that visiting is nice, but I also need FOOD. Being in the same region as Napels, this means that the Spaghetti is essential. And being near the sea, a nice spaghetti vongole is highly recommended. But other regional food and products are Pizza, mozzarella, strong olive oil, pasta in general,  etc…

The wines form this region are not that exceptional. The most famous wine would be Greco di tufo (white wine), Fiano d’avellino, Montefusco and Taurasi. A local drink you really have to try is Limoncello, a lemon liquor .

When my dad  and I were at the Costiera Amalfitana, we stayed at hotel Tritone. Which was a wonderfull hotel with incredible sea views frow EVERYWHERE in the building. We opted for a half board and I could strongly recommend this formula as the dinner during our whole stay was wonderful and more than sufficient. You can choose à la carte and while waiting for your food, you can choose from a very very nice buffet of appetizers (homemade and local). Their wine list also contains a few nice beauties and you should also visit their cellar. The hotel also has its own beach and boat pier from where you can take excursions to Capri (very nice island), Sorrento, Salerno, etc….

This region really stole my heart, will it also steal yours?

3 thoughts on “The Costiera Amalfitana, One of my favorite places in Italy

  1. Christof, You just amaze me. Your blog is the culinary blog I was waiting for… Honestly. You are not only an excellent writer, you also share the love for the food (and wines) that I like. So please, keep going. It’s just great reading your stuff. I am really looking forward to share a table with you (and you know who).

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