Troubadour: Excellent food and great place to discover wines

Did you ever drink wine from India???  I didn’t even know they made wine ….

At restaurant “De Troubadour” you can taste/drink the strangest (but very good) wines, that you have ever seen on wine lists. I remember John Verbeeck, the owner from “De Troubadour”, from the regional Antwerp TV. What stayed in my mind was actually that he was a very happy, round, funny and in some way eccentric chef that would combine products that I would never think of combing. Honestly, I don’t know why I never came here before as it is pretty close to where I live. It was actually my girlfriend who surprised me on by birthday. She asked me before if I would prefer a present or a dinner at a nice restaurant? So I told her that I would be happy with both of them, that she just had to choose. But as she knows me really wel,l she knew that food would make me happier than any other gift :)… So she took me to  “De troubadour”. When arriving there, we almost entered the wrong place as we didn’t see the glass door at our left (we thought it was just a window).

Anyway, as I have already told you in previous posts, in restaurants like these I prefer taking the gastronomical menu (in this case the “Sensation” menu). We started with quail, then we had a bisque, followed by Skrei, after that we had veal and finished with a nice chocolate dessert. All accompanied by matching Croatian wines. When I think of Croatian wines I only think of Malvazija, but nothing else. I would love to give you the names of the wines I had, but I lost the list I made 😦  (yes, guilty as charged). With the veal for example, we had a wine I would never buy when tasting it, because it was the taste was real herbal, but together with this dish, the wine really give another  dimension and gave the wine a better impression better than the first one I had. When looking at the restaurant’s wine list, I couldn’t believe my eyes because so many different countries were represented on it. (like India for example, which a colleague of mine had tasted and enjoyed it)

 So if you feel like tasting excellent food and wine from countries you didn’t even knew they had wine 🙂, De Troubadour is the place to be.

 I know I always seem enthusiastic and that I only seem to be telling good things… But I only want to put things on my blog that people would like and that I liked.. It is just not in my nature to be negative.

Restaurant De Troubadour:



                Driekoningenstraat 72

                2600 Berchem, Belgium

Phone n°: +32 (0) 3 239 39 16

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