4 most beautiful diving spots in the world!

from Rosewing.com

This list has been made by a long time family friend called François. He has travelled the world many times and has visited every imaginable place, from Belgium to French Polynesia to the Bahamas to Australia … he has done it all. All of these trips were mostly in function of his passion and profession, diving.

For him the following spots are the most beautiful ones ever :

1.                   François’ absolute nr 1 would be Rangiroa (Tahiti) in French Polynesia.

from travelpod.com

2.             Fernando de Noronha, Brazil (east of Natal). If you dream of swimming with hundreds of dolphins … this is THE place to be. The only thing that could be tricky is the fact that only a certain amount of tourists per year are allowed here.

From Brazil travelplan

3.              Sulu Sea, Philippines. This can only be done between January and April All the other months the sea is  too rough.  Sulu Sea can only be reached by Liveaboard

4.                   Lighthouse Reef (outer reef), Belize.

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