The sky is the limit

Peter Goossens, Sergio Herman, Heston Blumenthal , Massimo Bottura, Anne-Sophie Pic’s … all chefs of the 15 best restaurants in the world (from the list of 50 best restaurants). When seeing these people create a dish, it  is like watching Michelangelo  paint the Sistine chapel ceiling. They really  create pieces of art … and a whole different level of cooking.  I hope one day to be able to try these restaurants (another reason to play the lottery), for the moment my limit is 2 Michelin Stars.

Talking about 2 Michelin stars, a young talent that I admire is Thierry Theys (from restaurant  Nuance), he is 26 and already has 2 Michelin stars and I’m sure the 3rd will follow very soon. I’m really excited that I’ll be going there in October as everybody who has been there agrees with the magnificent food price/quantity/quality. 

A restaurant that I have enjoyed several times was Wouter Keersmaekers’  “Schone van Boskoop

When I hear chefs  like Wouter Keersmeakers, Peter Goossens, Peter Coucquyt etc…. talk or see them cook, I feel the same experience as I had when seeing the Foodpairing workshop.It is really fascinates me how they can match science and cooking in a harmonious way and always try to find new things. (these chefs sometimes try to create new things together with Foodpairing)

An example why they are the best of the best:

Peter Goossens wrote a new cookbook (related to a program he had), where he makes a dish in the classical way and afterwards he makes a dish with the same main ingredients, but in a gastronomical (3 Michelin Star) way.

Steak with french Fries

These chefs prove that if you want to be and give the best, that passion is the best way to achieve it.

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