One of the reasons I like travelling through Italy

You  know what I look forward most when travelling in Italy (or in this case to Trieste)?? Well it is eating at Autogrill and drink the best coffee to my and I think most Italians’ opinion. I usually try to stop in them after 1pm, because  between 12 and 1 it is fuuuuuuull of Italians enjoying some good lunch.

This time we just went for a rusticella. But when I’m in the center of Milan or Rome, I usually also stop in an autogrill (in city center) for a salad, or a whole Italian meal (Primo, secondo and dolce)…. And everytime I have to admit that the price-quality they serve is great!

And now they are even expanding to other countries 🙂 jeeeeeej

Have you guys ever visited or had lunch at an Autogrill restaurant?

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