Aaaaah, Torino….wonderful Torino

I really don’t understand that people would prefer going to Milano? Since years and years Torino has always been in the shadow of Milano, although this city has so much more to offer. When you walk through this city, you can immediately see the rich history this city has had. I would say that this city is a mix of Rome and Paris.

When it would start raining, no fear, most of the shops are located under the ‘galleries” and you can always rest on one of the many plazas or parks the city has. Another thing to see are the many “gallerias’ like the “galleria Vittorio Emanuele” in Milano (smaller, but not less impressive)

Not many people know that Torino previously was the capital city of Italy and that the Royal family lived here…. Visiting the Royal Palace is a real must.

Maybe some of you might remember Torino from the winter Olympics some years ago?

Even for shopping I can really suggest Torino. And you always discover new streets filled with shops (food and clothing).

 For lunch (what did you expect, that I wouldn’t eat??) we went to this spot called Mood. It is a bookstore where you can also have lunch 🙂

I had the ‘Trofie al pesto’ and my girlfriend a Mood Salat (with tuna). Below the result

Some other great lunch spots:

Ristorante brek, pastificio delfilipps and eataly.

 For lunch I normally don’t go to too fancy places… I prefer going to an ‘Autogrill’ (in Rome and Milan I do this) if there is one in the neighbourhood. The reason for this is that you don’t spend a lot of money, the quality is good and you don’t lose too much time.

What you should really do, is visit the “Mole’, this is the big pointy tower you see sticking out on the picture above. This used to be a Synagogue, that now got transferred into a museum about the history of cinema. It is really amazing 🙂  At some point you’re even playing in a movie without knowing it and you only discover it few moments later. They also have some original movie sets (décors) from famous movies. If you like nice views, you can take the elevator to the top of the Mole tower and you’ll overlook whole Torino.

We were also looking for a gift for my little nephew, funny thing is that we searched for it in whole Torino to finally buy a gift from a Belgian brand in Torino 🙂

 In the evening we went back to La Morra,  to eat at nice restaurant I had already visited in 2005, Ai Tardi, and it was as good as I remembered it. The wine this evening: Barbera vigna carzello Eduardo Sabrino (diano d’alba).

Today we’ll just be staying a ‘Bofani’ and won’t go anywhere, as tomorrow we’ll be picking up Zia Livia and going to Trieste….

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