Tasting Bordeaux in the streets of Brussels on Wednesdays

Every wednesday of October there are Bordeaux wine tastings in 5 trendy bars in Brussels. Last wednesday  6 and 9pm there were tasted more than 1200 glasses of wine or more than 200 bottles 🙂those ‘Brussels people’ sure know how to drink!  They have a wide assortment of red, white and rosé wines from the Bordeaux region for a price between 4 and 20 euro and op top of that they have foreseen some nice music to go with this liquid of gods!


So definitely THE place to be after work on Wednesday if you like great wine, great atmosphere and a vintage location

If I can’t convince you, maybe this little video can

For the next editions you have to go to:

woensdag 12 october at London Calling

rue de Dublin 46, 1050 Brussels. Metro Porte de Namur

Concert van Christophe Astolfi Trio


woensdag 19 october at Les Pénates

rue de Vergnies 42, 1050 Brussels. Metro Flagey

Concert van Alexandra Vassen (DJ set)


woensdag 26 october at Bar du Matin

Chaussée d’Alsemberg 172, 1050 Brussels. Metro Albert 3

Concert van Jack Fire

Hope to bump into you!!


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