And so our trip continues

Sorry for delay, but here the story continues…

It seems like I did nothing else but eat during this trip 🙂

Let me maybe tell something more about the wonderful region Friuli Venezia Giulia. When you ask people which regions in Italy do you know, 90% will answer Tuscany and maybe Umbria… But there are so many other beautiful regions in Italy, like Piemonte (as you could see on my previous posts) and Friuli. Friuli is a region that not too many people know, they might have heard talking about Trieste , which is the capital and most important city in this region, but that’s about it…  I’ve been travelling to this region whole my life, I can guaranty you that this region has a lot to offer. Like Illycoffee, this coffee is original from Trieste :-). Also some of the Italian white wines are from Friuli.

Maybe I should first start by showing where Friuli is actually located:

Trieste is  a city that has really one of the most beautiful front views ever…  If you look at the picture right above, this is a view you have while driving with your car towards Trieste. As’ Illy’ is the local coffee brand, you really have to drink a ‘Illy’ or another  local coffee in Trieste! My favorite spot would be “Cremcaffè’ at  Piazza Goldoni 10. But there are ofcourse many many bars where the’ Barista ‘will let you taste why Trieste is the city of coffee.  Not so long ago ( a few years) Trieste’s façade has totally been renovated, which resulted to an even more spectacular view (to my modest opinion)  and the fact the city is right next to the sea, makes this city a ‘must see’… If you would go to Trieste and you are standing on the “Piazza Unità d’Italia” you’ll know what I mean!  If you are a sailboat fan, Trieste is really THE place to be the first week of October, as in that week there is a regatta called ‘Barcolana”. A really magnificent thing to see. Another ‘must see’ is the beautiful ‘Castello di Miramar’ and its gardens. The story behind the castle is a bit tragic…  


Udine would be the next city I would recommend to visit. I like this city because it is not too big and not too small, just right 🙂, with the most beautiful picturesque squares. You really think of being inside a painting  like ‘piazza matteotti’, that to my opinion one of the most beautiful squares! (especially when the open air market is there). If you re into design and/or furniture, you have to go to the town  ‘Manzano’, which is still part of Udine. This town is not for nothing  called ‘the Capital of  chairs’, it is. One of the most famous designers from this town is Calligaris. This town also has a GIANT wooden chair standing on a square before entering the town! See picture below. If only I were a better photographer, then I would be able to really show the beauty…  

For all you hungry people out there, San Daniele is a ‘must do’. I could keep eating that ham. For me this is more tasty the Parma ham. Up to you to decide. The pest period to go would be during the ‘Festa del Proscuitto’ (in June) mmmmmmm, just the thought of being there.

To be continued, tomorrow more about this great region.

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