And so my trip ended

And so a trip comes to an end, after mowing the lawn (YES, she made me work) at Zia Livia’s house and having a great meal…

There are still two more things I wanted to tell you guys about this region (for now).

A little town that I want you guys to visit, is  Cividale. Cividale is another picturesque little town , filled with lots of history. This town was actually founded/ created by Julius Caesar around 50 BC. And after that lots and lots of tribes have concurred this little town….When entering this little town you do this walking over the “Ponte del Diavolo’ or devils bridge….

Ofcourse being close to the sea, I really should speak about where the beaches are 🙂

When you have children and you want to see wild Dolphins (YES, dolphins) you could have to go to Grado. Grado is a peninsula surrounded by beautiful azure colored water where you can find around 30 wild dolphins that life here whole year round. Why I also advice this spot for people with children, first of all because you can walk  10 minutes before you’re finally in deep water, but also because the beach of Grado is full of natural iodine… which is good for children’s’ bones . I like to go there for the great Ice cream salons 🙂 + it has a nice little town and harbor .

Me and my parents (when my brother and I were younger) we always went to Marina Julia. It is nothing special, not as beautiful as Grado or the other beaches nearby… but the best place to do windsurfing and/ or Kitesurfing! too bad I didn’t take a picture, there were really at least 50 of them

If you prefer swimming in Deeper water or diving I would advise you to either go to Duino, a little harbor near Trieste or Sistiana, as there the water is immediately deep.  When my brother and I were older we preferred  going to these two beaches.

There are still many more places to visit in this region, but I have to stop somewhere 🙂

Maybe I’ll post something about the local dishes… only if you guys want me to? Let me know

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