Good, design and normal priced cookware for young people not possible?

I know the combination of the words design, good and normal price seems like something that is non-existing. Well, Demeyere made this combination a true fact! I’m sure everybody has already heard the name Demeyere? Or not?  I know I have always known it :-). Demeyere is a family business already making cookware since 1908 and what makes this, so if they don’t know what they are doing, who does? Already since I started cooking I always wanted pots and pans from Demeyere, first of all because they are known as the Rolls Royce of cookware and secondly because all my cooking heroes on TV were also using it… Those pots and pans always looked so great and the result of their cooking was always perfect (yes always blame the material, not myself 😉 …  When  moving out of my parents’ house buying a set of Demeyere cookware was not my main priority as it was quit the investment (lucky for me I could confiscate some of my moms’ 🙂 ). This was probably also a reflection Demeyere had made that young people don’t always have the resources to buy  a set of their pots and pans, even if their quality and design is wonderful. For this reason,  Demeyere will launch a new set of cookware called “Young by Demeyere” in December!  A contemporary design for a budget friendly price and on top of that of a remarkable quality. These pots and pans have been designed by the 2008 Designer of the year Stefan Schöning. Just look at the picture below, I’m sure you’ll agree that they are really beautiful.

The whole Young assortment has been made from stainless steel which will keep your pots cooler (when on electric stoves).  They also thought about the hygiene, as they have melded handles so no dirt, fat or bacteria’s could go in-between the screws.

But ofcourse you guys are waiting for what you’ll be paying all of this, as that’s basically what we want to know 🙂

So behold and feast your eyes:

  • For a 3-piece set (like on the first picture) you’ll pay 199 EUR

(Cooking pots with lid 1,8 liter; 2,5 liters  and one from 3,5liters)

  • Soup pot with lid 7,2liters at 99 EUR
  • Saucepan 2,5liters at 55 EUR
  • Frying pan  Thermolon™ Granite anti-adhesive 20cm at 89EUR
  • Frying pan  Thermolon™ Granite anti-adhesive 24cm at 109EUR
  • Frying pan  Thermolon ™Granite anti-adhesive 28cm at 129EUR

I know it might sound cliché, but buying Demeyere cookware is a live long investment as everything you’ll buy will really last your whole life! You’ll be feeling at least like a 1 Michelin star chef in no time 🙂

If you want more detailed information about these pots and pans, please check the Demeyere website or go to your local cookware shop as of December 1st. I can’t wait to try them!

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