And then there was the day that my girlfriend cooked

Yes, that’s right, she cooked. And it was really nice! She didn’t use a cookbook, but a recipe from Smulweb. The dish she prepared was “quick cabbage with minced beef and yellow rice”, I know it might not look good or sound good, but I promise you that it was good (I even took twice). You can find the recipe on the following link.  She even  gave the recipe her own twist 🙂 She added some beef stock and some white wine. She did leave out the ginger. I’m so proud of her!

The result:

The day before I had made a “Witloof in de oven” or “Chicory ham roles in the oven”. For this recipe I used “Natural Basics” cookbook  on page 93. The basic cookbooks are actually the first books that gave my brother the interest of cooking… Good books for people who don’t have much experience!

The difference between this recipe and the usual “Witloof in de oven” recipe is that they add a little bit of cayenne pepper (to spice it up) and before putting it in the oven they sprinkle some sliced almonds on top. Which gives it a crunchy crust J Personally I didn’t find that the almonds gave it something special, but they for sure didn’t disturb me…

My result:

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