My view on Bruges Kookeet event

Last Saturday I went to Bruges for the “Kookeet” event. You can’t believe how excited I was 🙂 This is like Disneyland for me… Although one thing we shouldn’t forget about when going to an event like this, is that it still is a mass event . Basically the quality you’ll get at the boots, is not comparable with the quality you’ll get in the restaurants itselves. Nevertheless I’ve had a very nice evening with my friends and even met a few other very friendly people :-).

And let’s be honest, having an event in a mediaeval town like Bruges is really unique. I might even have to admit that I liked this one better than the one in Antwerp (damn how can I say this, betraying my city).

For all of you who don’t know the concept,”Kookeet” is an event In Bruges where all the best restaurants, caterers and chocolatiers from Bruges serve you a gastronomical teaser . For these teasers, you’d pay 3, 6 or 9 euro. Overall I have to say that everything tasted well. I tried following dishes:

  • Carpaccio of coquilles St Jacques with ginger (by Olivier from Chez Olivier)
    • My impression: very fresh dish, nice to start the evening

  • Pate of pheasant, compote of ‘Brugse zot (beer) and turnips, liquorice vinaigrette (by Timothy Goffin from Goffin)
    • My impression:  Not bad, but not mind breaking

  • Sole à la meuniere, quail egg,  potatoe and truffle soup and crispy bread (by Paul Hendrickx from Aneth)
    • My impression: one of the better dishes of the evening

  • braised veal in ‘Brugse zot’( double) needle with root vegetables and pommes Anna (like pommes dauphin) (by Stefaan Timmerman from Assiette Blanche)
    • my impression: Very good meat! Not really sure about the combination with the cold root vegetables, but it wasn’t disturbing

  • Tuna burger new style with béarnaise from lambs ear (vegetable) (by Tim Geers from Traiteur Geers)
    • My impression: really nice combination, but I would use something else then tuna, as the herbs and sauces take away the gentile and tender taste of the tuna. Shame for the expensive fish.

  • Mascarpone crème with coulis of red fruits and forest fruit tea, pâté Breton and chocolate decoration (by Servaas Van Mullem from Patisserie Servaas van Mullem)
    • My impression: Really good, not more to add

  • Last but  not least, Magic chocolate mushrooms (by Dominique Persoone from The chocolate line)
    • My impression: Very strange tastes together, a chocolate mushroom that tasted like a real mushroom and also like chocolat. Dominique also added a salty part to the dish. I’m sure this will not be everybody’s favorite, but for sure the most experimental on this event! (but that’s how we know Dominique)

The restaurants that convinced me to visit them are Aneth and Assiette Blanche. The chocolate line didn’t need my convincing anymore, they  already did that way back when trying my first chocolate line mellow cakes 🙂

For my friends the absolute n°1 was the “rabbit shoulder with foie gras “ by Geert van Hecke from the 1 and only Karmeliet ***. This didn’t come as a surprise 🙂 as this is one of the best Belgian restaurants.  I would add it to my list, but spending 300-400EUR per person isn’t really for me at the moment.

My girlfriend’s favorite (Karmeliet was n°2) was “ Tuna mi-cuit (half cooked), salmonmousse, Coquilles St Jacques with green herbs” by Jo Nelissen from Manuscript Kempinski. I think this was from all the dishes I saw passing at my table (which were a lot as we were with 6 people) this was the best value for your money. And the ginger ice-cream was really nice and fresh (if you like ginger ofcourse). I’m adding this restaurant to the list (to keep my girlfriend happy 😉 )

For all you people who would still want to have a drink after the event,  only a few steps from the event you’ll find a small beer house (home brewery) Garre, really nice tasty beer (thank you Katrien and Reinout)

I really had a really  nice evening. Couldn’t be better, nice food and great company!

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