Yummy cupcakes at Patty cake

I’m not really a cupcake person, as they tend to be dry from time to time… but well if I get some I’ll eat them anyway (I don’t want to be rude 😉 )

But Saturday after shopping with my girlfriend (she made me), we passed by the Patty cake (cupcake) shop… And I think everybody who has passed by this shop will agree, that it is very difficult not entering to buy something? Right?

It is really the prettiest little shop you’ve ever seen.

The only ‘problem’ was that we still had to go to the  Kookeet event in Bruges and therefore we couldn’t eat too much… but then again one cupcake didn’t kill anyone before. Also, when you enter the shop and see cupcakes as far as the eye reaches in all different flavors (that also change from day to day)

It is difficult not finding something that doesn’t make you wanna have one … or is that just me?

Anyway, I took one with hazelnut and my girlfriend one with chocolate. Only 1 comment YUMMY! They weren’t dry at all, not too sweet and I didn’t feel too guilty after eating one 😉 And the picture below shows one happy little camper 😉

So if you are ever in Antwerp and feel like having a small sweet… You know what to do

Patty Cake

Website: http://www.pattycake.be


Nationalestraat 99

2000 Antwerp, Belgium

Phone n°: +32 (0)3 770 87 60

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