Seppe Nobels’ shrimp impression

Hi Guys,

Here you find the first recipe 🙂 , this is one from Seppe Nobels. Let me know how it worked out?

It is not an extremely difficult recipe… only the Sorbet might be tricky.

I hope you guys weren’t lazy and bought some fresh unpeeled North sea shrimps? I know I have bought them…

Btw when you peel them, you just put all the peels and heads in a pot, add some water and let it boil for a while … This way you are making a light shrimp stock

What do you need for 4 persons:
– 1 sea bass 1 kg = 500g fillet (more or less) (make sure it is VERY fresh)
– 100 ml extra virgin Olive oil
– 500 ml lemon juice
– 500 ml lime juice
– salt and pepper
– 50 g dried kroepoek
– 400 g unpeeled grey north sea shrimps
– 3 branches of thyme
– 125 g glucose
– 150 g sugar
– pinch of wasabi powder
– 750 ml water
– 2 eggs
– 2 egg yolks
– 1 T.B. mustard (don’t take a to strong mustard)
– 1 T.B. ginger puree
– 1 T.B. soya
– 300 ml peanut oil
– 30 g red vein sorrel (rodenerfzuring )
– 30 g spring onion
– 30 g enoki mushrooms (champignons) (I have to admit, they were not easy to find, but I found them)
– ½ lime

* T.B.= table spoon

Get started:

–          Cut the sea bass in fillets , remove the skin and cut the fillets into equal cubes .

–          Add olive oil, lemon juice (not all of the juice, as you still need some later in this preparation), salt & pepper

–          Fry the dried kroepoek for about 20 seconds at 165°C (329°F) Drain it afterwards on kitchen paper and mix it in a blenders until it becomes like crumble. Peel the shrimps (if you haven’t done it yet)

–          Now the more difficult part. To make the Sorbet, boil the water together with the glucose, sugar and wasabi powder. Add the remaining lemon juice, lime juice and chopped thyme. Leave it on the heat until it starts boiling. When it does, you take it off the heat and put it in the fridge. And use a sorbetière  to make the sorbet. In case you don’t have a sorbetière, just let it cool down and put it in the freezer when it is cool… it will now be as perfect as with the sorbetière, but it will do just fine. If this worked, everything else will be daaaaamn easy J

–          To make the vinaigrette, you beat the eggs and egg yolks together with the mustard, ginger and soy. It is kind a like making a mayonnaise … and you finish my add the peanut oil (like you would do for making mayo). Add salt, peper and lime juice (from the ½ lime).

–          Chop the spring onions and the Enoki mushrooms, add salt, pepper and juice
And now we are almost at the end of the preparation:
–  Dress the plate as follows: use a form (found, squared, as you prefer)  for the tartar of sea bass .

–          On top of this you put the grey shrimps and arrange the salad (mushroom salad) around the sea bass form J

–          Finish off with the kroepoek crumble and thyme sorbet.

It should look like this:

Trust me, it is worth the work!

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