Lavazza knows more than only making good coffee

The Lavazzers, that’s how the famous Italian coffeebrand calls its 20th jubilee calendar. To yearly tradition Lavazza made a calendar, but for  the 20th edition  they really wanted to do something special…

They called in the help of some of greatest photographers on the planet, people like Erwin Olaf, Thierry Le Gouès, Miles Aldridge, Marino Parisotto, Eugenio Recuenco, Elliott Erwitt, Finlay MacKay, Mark Seliger, Annie Leibovitz, Albert Watson, David LaChapelle and last but not least Ellen von Unwerth .

The fact that all of those people are working together on the calendar is already remarkable, but for Lavazza this calendar even needed something more and different than the normal. This resulted in a world in reverse J As this time the photographers made a self-portrait showing their own interpretation. So basically they will be in front of the camera for a change J J or photographer meets modeling world ….

You can really trust me that is sometimes funny trying to find out what the photographer was thinking when he came up with the idea for the picture…  Let me give you a few examples 🙂 that might be better

David LaChapelle for instance. The title of his work is “A regular morning changes into Paradise” (I think some woman will want to buy this calendar immediately or at least meet David 🙂

David’s idea behind this picture is showing how Coffee can be used a tool to instantly put your mind in an higher gear of activity.

Another example, euhm ok maybe Erwin Olaf, his picture got the title “My thoughts fly away…

In this picture Erwin wants to show when he drinks a cup of Lavazza coffee he thinks of the human body in a natural way.

But the picture that is really burned on my  pupils is the back cover from Ellen von Unwerth (I hope Valerie comes together with the calendar)

I’m gonna be honest, I’m not really the art “connaisseur” and if I would be told what the idea behind it is

I wouldn’t always know… But never the less these are some very very nice pictures… (I can ensure you that the ones I didn’t show are as nice as these ones)

This really  is not your average birthday calendar on the wall, but a true piece of art! (and collector’s item)…I wouldn’t mind receiving a copy!

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