My hunger led us to Dôme sur Mer

Friday was again one of those evenings I didn’t felt like cooking…. So there was only 1 thing left to do, pick a restaurant 🙂 . This time we decided to go to “Dôme sur mer  “. This restaurant is located in Berchem, near Antwerp and is the second restaurant from  Julien Burlat, chef and owner  from the 1 Michelin star restaurant “Dôme”.

I had actually already been to “Dôme sur mer” in May for my birthday with my whole family. As this time it was just a romantic dinner with my girlfriend. She always makes my dinners more complete 🙂

The architecture of both (or even 3) building from Dôme, Dôme sur mer and Domestic (bakery) is just beautiful, high decorated ceilings, but also the outsides are very beautiful.  In these restaurants you get and instant coziness feeling .

As you might expect from the name, “Dôme sur mer” is specialized in fish. One of THE trade mark dishes of the restaurant is the lobster with sage butter sauce. I tried this last time I was here as an appetizer (yes, I was greedy). This time we got led by this week’s suggestions. Not that there were not enough dishes on the menu, but I always like to taste new things they chef recommends.

Of course, the best way to start a romantic dinner (or any other dinner) is with a niiiiiice glass of bubbles 🙂  . We took the Spanish Clos Amador Brut Riserva which had a rich and fruity flavor. Just what we needed to get started. To not immediately be tipsy, we took some iberico ham to go with it . Maybe a ‘not done’ choice in a fish restaurant, but hey I just love HAM!! (FYI, the ham melted on my tongue)

This got followed by some Mackerel with pickled vegetables  (carrot and red cabbage) with a grain mustard dressing. This was a good combination of flavors, the freshness from the vegetables with a touch of acidity together with the softness of the fish. To accompany this we just took the house wine, bot white, from a dryer kind and for my girlfriend a slightly sweeter wine.

As main dish, I had the bream fish with braised savoy cabbage.  My first bite from the cabbage, brought me back to my childhood, it had the flavor like when my dad used to cook (ME like). Again very nice combination, I would want to be negative… but I just can’t… ok, maybe an extra piece of fish wouldn’t have been bad 🙂 . I drank a glass of red Poggialupi by Rodano with it.

We ended by sharing a Lemon tartlet. If you look really close to the below picture, you can see my girlfriends fork ready for attack 🙂

Overall a very nice restaurant, as the second time was as good as the first time. I wouldn’t call it the cheapest restaurant, but the prices are still on the normal side.  I can’t wait to go to restaurant Dôme in January.

Restaurant Dôme sur Mer


Address :

Arendstraat 1

2018 Antwerp, Belgium

Phone n° : +32 (0) 3 281 74 33

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