Breakfast on Sunday’s

It was a long time ago that I had breakfast somewhere else than home… I remember a time that I did this almost every Sunday. Back then it was usually at the same restaurant/bakery (that you could already read in one of my previous posts . To avoid going to the same places again, this time we asked the friends that joined us to pick a place. I must say that I was surprised with their choice, they had chosen Grand Café de Singel.  The single is actually the conservatory of Antwerp and the only times I have been here is to see a few concerts (if I remember correctly once for a drum festival and the other time for a free jazz concert). I really didn’t know you could also eat here.

The Grand café is located in a new building attached to the old Singel buildings… The architecture even got awards….

The first thing that strikes you when you walk in, is the huge chandelier and right after that the space 🙂

Because all the walls are windows, you can imagine how much external light comes in and how spacious it feels.

We chose to have the big breakfast and I was really curious how big it was going to be.

You be the judge:

For me it wasn’t as big as I would have hoped (but maybe sometimes I’m greedy), but it was really enough and most important everything was very fresh and tasty.   I don’t know if  you can see it on the picture, but there was a ham omelet, quiche, a piece of brie cheese with a little toast under it and a dressing, fresh shredded meat, mozzarella with tomato and a fresh fruit yoghurt.  Overall a nice breakfast.

Grand Café deSingel



Jan Van Rijswijcklaan 155

2018 Antwerpen

Phone n°:  +32 [0]3 237.71.00

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