When cooking meets technology

You guys know that I usually go to the open air market on Saturday morning to buy my food for the week. It already happened that I bought a package of season vegetables  and I did not know what to do with some of the vegetables in the package … and as I’m at the market I want to buy everything at the market …

At that moment I’m really glad the Smartphone was invented or better the applications you can run on it. As you know, there are apps for everything at the moment. So in this case I like to use the recipe apps :-). You just fill in a vegetable and will immediately find a wide variety of dishes you can make … and this way can continue your market shopping

Me as an Android user, I frequently use the zesta app.

For the Iphone/Ipad user you could use the Njam app and/or zesta, because they both work really good. But if you are or will become a KitchenAid owner (like me), it will get even better! KitchenAid has created an app based on the kitchenaid cook book  with recipes from  Veerle De Pooter  and photographer Tony Le Duc. All Recipes that can be made with your KitchenAid machine… This  way you can even have a more refined way to look for recipes and make a more frequent use of your KitchenAid.  (and not only for Desserts!). What is nice about this app, is that you can even unmark the ingredients you already have at home, in this way you get a better shopping list…

The advantages of Modern technology are just great!! For non-smartphone users, you can still buy the cookbook or a smartphone 🙂

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