My very own cookbook

You might remember that I mentioned Albelli  in my post  about Christmas presents?  I told you that you can create your own cookbook, Christmas cards, picture books, etc…via this website.  After I wrote this post, I actually got pretty tempted to make my own cookbook 🙂

You can see the final result here:

Looks nice! right? I have to admit that from time to time I can be very lazy (I know hard to believe) so making the ‘cookbook’  needed  to be easy and not too time consuming.  Albelli is a really handy website to create a picture book + they have lots of examples that you can use to get creative…

I don’t like download things on my computer, so I was pleased to see that you had both a downloadable tool and an online tool to make the book . I’m not sure if they both have the same amount of possibilities and functions to make the book , but the online version worked really great.

In just a few clicks you can create an in this case, cookbook. You can add extra text fields, add extra pictures in a page, give a different color to every page, or you prefer having an animated background, …. The list is endless (or almost).

As this was just a try out for me, I wanted to see if I added a picture of lower quality, what the result in the actually book would be … (The system even detects the pictures from lower quality).

After 3 days I already received my book… I was really curious to see the actual result …

The fact that most of the people that have seen the book want to buy it, says enough I think.

Even the lower quality pictures turned out to be really nice!!

So if you still feel like making your own Christmas present.. this is your chance!

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