A scar from my kitchen battle

Today no food post! Safety in the kitchen is very important! That’s something that everybody knows…..But from time to time by  a lack of concentration  or non-sharp knifes (as you cut yourself easier with an unsharp knife…) accidents might happen.

Even  me, I’m not  perfect 🙂 as yesterday while cooking I cut through my nail and little bit of my finger 😦

In my case it was due to a lack of concentration as I was making 1001 things at a time and god knows what I was thinking about when it happened. (for who wants to know, I was making paprika soup, pork filet with Blackwell sauce, bolognaise sauce and wanted to start making dessert…..

My injury didn’t turn out to be a whole disaster, as in some cases something bad comes with something good… Which in my case is correct

By doctors prescription I’m not allowed to work in the kitchen for at least 2 weeks

Sooooooo for the next 2 weeks my lovely girlfriend will be cooking for me 🙂 🙂

And I’ll somehow get to boss her around (in the kitchen that is)… life can be so hard 😉 But I’m sure she’ll do fine … or some restaurant will be doing some good business 🙂 (just joking)

At this moment I’m actually looking forward to my visit to the Duvel Brewery tomorrow 🙂

I’m sure that will ease the pain

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