My duvel discovery part 2

I promise I won’t give another history lesson today, but I just needed to tell you  bit or their history… That Duvel wasn’t discovered or made over one night, but took almost 40years of research to finalize  the actual recipe as we know  it today.

Back to my tour 🙂 I must say that they give this tour in a very professional  way. I actually joined a group that also booked  a tour at the same time. This brings to yesterday’s picture

Before we started our tour, we all got a headset and a fluorescent vest. The vest was just for our safety as we were visiting a production area. At some point I fell like one of those guys who has to lead planes at the airport. The tour starts with to me the most important, with naming the 4 main ingredients of  Duvel/beer: Water, yeast, barley and  hop

What might surprise most of you, is that beer consists mostly out of water… so next time the police pulls you over, you just say you drank water :-).  In the case of Duvel, it is water that they get from 60 meters under the factory.

Did you know that the more hop there is in beer, the more bitter it tastes  And if I’m not mistaking, this also makes you pee more 🙂 :-). For me yeast is yeast, I didn’t know there were actually different kinds… In Duvel beer, they actually use a combination of 12 kinds of yeast 🙂 Scottish yeast that is (for more about history why they use Scottish yeast, check this website).

Every time I visit a production site I’m always amazed how incredible it all is and how high technological… Technique really stands for nothing these days. It is also nice to see that companies like Duvel Moortgat invest in their company, in new technology and research to be able to create the best possible product.

But the most impressive and amazing machine for me was the bottling machine

This machine will remove non Duvel bottles, remove the labels, check the bottle , fill the bottle and capsule, check the filled  bottles and put in boxes… and this machine can handle between 40 000 and 50 000 bottles per hour!!!! When at full capacity, I’m really amazed, as I know what this machine has to do, you also know, but how this machine is able to actually do it, always amazes me.

Just amazing. 1 thing during this tour actually got stuck in my mind. As I told, this machine is able to handle around 50 000 bottles, but this is not the case… as they prefer producing less and better… than producing a lot and a less quality product… Did you know that it takes about 90 days for a Duvel to be ready for selling?

After seeing all those bottles, we got to the best part of the evening/ tour

Yes, the tasting 🙂 I think the next picture speaks for itself.  For all of you who are wondering how long you can keep a Duvel beer… Normally you should drink it within 3 years, as than it is on its best. After the 3 years it would still be drinkable ofcourse, but it won’t be the same. Our guide had already drunk a Duvel from 21 years old. For him this wasn’t the best beer in the world, but that is a matter of taste, because for others, this might b heaven on earth.

And on top of that I got the company of the always super friendly Saskia :-)…What more does one need? Beer, good company and some cheese?

I have to admit that I really enjoyed this Duvel beer as it is not like any other beer! On top of that I learned a lot… but I think I’ll have to visit a few more breweries, just to get the real hang of bier loving …

But this was without any doubt a moment to remember! For anybody who would be interested to visit the brewery, you can look on the duvel website for the dates of guided tours.

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