My Pre-visit to Bodega Winterbar

Last night I went to the pre-opening of the Bodega Winterbar that I told you guys about in company of my dear friend Carlos. At first I was doubting a little bit, as the weather yesterday wasn’t really what we could call good 🙂

I also thought they would cancel it, being that close to the river… but at the end I was glad I passed by

From the first step you set in the bar, you get an instant winter feeling (if this wasn’t already the case because of the weather)

The Winterbar is divided in 2 parts. One side you have a  sort of open-air (but with roof) bar and at the other side you can find a restaurant.

The restaurant part is in partnership with restaurant Josephine’s (that you might remember from my blogpost) and from what I tasted last night, I can assure you that they serve some nice meal … They serve winter classics like Swiss Raclette, pig’s cheek (I tried and liked) to Belgian classics like beef stew (Antwerp style), Sausages with mashed potatoes

But don’t worry if you don’t feel like eating,  they also have a big choice of warming drinks at the bar!!

All by all a nice ambiance  yesterday and I hope for the organization it will start snowing as that would make it even better (although I’m not really in for snow…) For all you guys who also want to try, the Winterbar is opened from  Thursday until Sunday as off 4 o’clock in the afternoon until …

This from today until 22 February

Viel Spaβ!

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