The start of a healthy 2012?

Hello everybody! Yesterday evening I did a real nice discovery… well that is if you guys are into gardening? I found a very nice website about how you can plan and organize planting your own vegetables…  The site is called Veggie Harvest.  I’ll be honest I’m not really a specialist, but I must say that they did a great job. They divided the whole vegetable planting in 10 zones, each zone stands for a period of time you should start the planting or gather all the vegetables. (for more vegetables that you know)

Below you can see an example  of a calendar

So if your new year’s resolution was to eat more healthy… you’d better put on those rubber boots and gloves!! I know, I’d also need more convincing than this to start gardening, but just know everything you do yourself is done/tastes that much better + next time your friends come over you can say the vegetables are from you garden…

Anyway get more inspired on the  Veggie Harvest website

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