Europe’s weirdest hotels

It might seem like my weekend was full of discoveries :-). I was  looking to a few websites, when I suddenly fell on the one from “Stedentripper”. On this website they listed the weirdest hotels in Europe.

Not all of them are too weird,

The Dasparkhotel, Ottensheim (Austria) for example. In this hotel you stay in a sewer pipe ( a clean one). The only ‘scary’ part would be that it is quit narrow, but besides that I would see myself sleeping her.

Or a more romantic hotel if you ask me would be the Elkep Evi, Urgüp (Turkey). This hotel is built in the a mountain … or actually they gave this previous mountain homes a new destination 🙂

BUT the hotel I would NEVER go to, would be the Propeller Island City Lodge, Berlijn (Duitsland). Just look at the picture… I’m sure you’ll agree. Who wants to be sleeping in a coffin (accept maybe Dracula)

But apart from that hotel you I think most of them don’t seem that weird 🙂

Which one is your favorite? Let me know (if you don’t speak dutch, I’m sure you’ll be able to tell me which one …  Here’s the weblink

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