Fettuccini con salsiccia e porri

I’m a leek lover, especially now in winter time I could eat it almost every day 🙂 I don’t know what it is about this vegetable, it has this sweetness in it (probably that’s what I like). Anyway last week I got a wonderful gift from my girlfriend, she gave me a new cookbook (you just can’t have enough of those)… ok ok, I  might have given her some hinds 😉  The book she gave me was ‘222easy recipes’ by Academia Barilla. In this cookbook you’ll find real ORIGINAL recipes for Italian classics. On top of that they also  they tell you from which region this recipe is from (as some people think in whole Italy you eat the same thing, which is NOT the case!!) and they also give some ‘good to know’ info on the recipe (some kind of history or product info). What makes this book different than all the orther Italian cookbooks you’ll find in the shop? Well they try to give the recipes the way they were invented  and supposed to be made… which for me is reason enough.

In this book you’ll find recipes for all levels, a kitchen nightmare until pro cooks.I want to share a recipe from them to show you that easy, cheap, fast made and yummy can go together…. So NO excuses not to try this!! You just need some pork sausages (try to get some good sausages from your butcher), take off the skin and bake in some olive oil. (crush the sausage while baking)

Add chopped leek. Bake it for a while.

Deglaze with white wine (add a drop of water) . Boil pasta (fettuccine or tagliatelle will also do fine)FYI just water and some salt NO OLIVE OIL!!

Once you cooked the pasta (al dente) you add it to the sauce and add a lump of butter. Mix it all with spoon or fork and let it cook together for a few minutes and serve with some parmesan cheese.

It might seem simple, but trust me you’ll like it (if you like leek obviously)

FYI, you can also follow Academia Barilla on Twitter, as they share lots of great recipes…


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