My sweet valentine

I think yesterday a loooooooot of people celebrated Valentine’s day. Even though I’m not really a fan of Valentine’s day, I did celebrate it at the Liefmans Brewery . The reason for it, well, when I was writing my blogpost about Valentine’s day at Liefmans brewery I found the menu very interesting  (ok, I was getting hungry) and I wanted to visit the brewery for a while… So I figured this was the perfect moment to actually try good food  (made by restaurant Coeur D’artichaut) accompanied by the matching beers (from Liefmans obviously). Oh and the underwear show had nothing to do with it that I wanted to have this dinner ;-).

I first have to say that the setting of the brewery is just lovely. I think in the summer or spring it should even be more beautiful as you have a great view on the river right next to the brewery.  While walking to the entrance I felt like being in a movie from the 1920’s, walking on a Cobblestone road in a dark alley and the dew laying on the road and the only light to guide you is the moonlight ….

But all this also indicates that this brewery has a big history, did you know it is already existing since 1679? The room where the dinner was taking place was very spacious,  but yet felt very comfortable

I think it is because of the wood floor  (and ceiling). So the space didn’t ruin the romance in the air 🙂

But, we were here to eat right :-). We started off with King scallop (Coquilles St Jacques) Carpaccio, a little beetroot soup with sour cream and basil and a Lamb thymus (zwezerik) with a carrot and orange cream and beetroot paper. And to accompany this we took a Cuvée brut on the rocks 🙂 (for me this was a little bit too sweet, but if you like sweet drinks I’m sure you’ll like this)

This got followed by Seabass , with venus clams, carrot and pumpkin. Accompanied by a Liefmans Cuveé (for me this is the best fruit beer around). The fish had a very nice soft taste, together with a puree with a little spicy ness in combination with the beer, perfect…

In-between we received a refreshing  lemon sorbet  with a 20 year old Liefmans Cuvée over it; You would think the beer would become sweeter after 20 years, but it actually becomes a little more soury …. (but not too much though)

This got served together with a underwear show 🙂 I must admit at first when I saw this men in boxershorts on the catwalk … I wasn’t sure this was what I was hoping for :-), but lucky for me there were also women showing lingerie 😉 (by Timide)

Our main course quail Forestière, , Savoy, parsnip-almond, and pont neuf  and Liefmans Golden Band gravy. Served with a Liefmans Golden band beer 🙂

And to finish we had Chocolat passion dessert….

Oh yes and the little very good cupcakes with the coffee

To make a long story short, everything was very good (taking into account that it for a large group of people they had to prepare this), the only dish that wasn’t my cup of tea 🙂 was the dessert… but that’s a matter of taste, as my girlfriend’s plate was ready to put back in the closet … so I’m thinking she definitely liked it.

This discovery menu (as I would call it) makes me want to discover more of the Coeur D’artichaut’s  dishes at their restaurant. The reason, well if they can make great food for a large group, imagine what they can do on a smaller scale?!  Also if I would ever give a biiiig diner party, Brewery Liefmans’s lounge would certainly be a place where I want to be giving it…. Good beer and good food and a great location what more would you need?

I almost forgot, the Sofie La Digue live band, made the evening more jazzy J (or more romantic, who can tell 😉 )

OK, this evening wouldn’t have been as perfect,without  my beautiful girlfriend ….as she is and will always be my sweet valentine….

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