White Cabbage Cannelloni

I found yet another wonderful recipe in Njam magazine, White cabbage cannelloni by Johan Segers (restaurant ‘t Fornuis).  This would actually a perfect to replace the traditional “witloof in de oven (Belgian chicory dish). What is good about this dish, is that it is easy to make, don’t need million ingredients, yummy and the ingredients are not too expensive.

You would just need ham, a ½ white cabbage (the external leaves are used to make the actual cannelloni, take about 6 to 8 of them), salt, pepper. For the’ Béchamel’  just milk, salt, pepper, flour and butter ( the last 2 to make the roux)

If you are not sure how to prepare it, You can see the master himself preparing it via following link

There are a few differences between the recipe on the website in the magazine. On website he bakes the ‘cannelloni’ before serving them, as for in the magazine it is advised to put the ‘cannelloni’ in a baking tray and putting the remaining ‘béchamel mix’ on top , some grated cheese and put it in the oven …

I would suggest try both and see which you like best…. In this way you can use all your white cabbage you’ve bought…

Tomorrow I’ll be sharing on of my very own fish recipes

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