If you don’t know if yet, is normal… as this year the first edition of the Bistronomie guide has been launched. Not another restaurant guide you might think? Well yes and no 🙂 Bistronomie is not just another guide, this guide concentrates itself on, as the name might already reveal, on Bistro’s, brasseries, and non-sophisticated restaurants :-). For the moment only containing locations in the Flemish and Brussels area, but I’m sure that they’ll expand their area.

Don’t worry, not only the expensive eateries have been chosen! The idea of Johannes Denis & Steve Engels (the auteurs) is that everybody, depending on their resources will find something of their liking in this guide. A restaurant doesn’t have to be a star restaurant to be good … that’s basically the message they’re trying to send us.(which is true)

They also have an smartphone app and a very handy website that will help with you to find the best eatery for your crave to good food 🙂 (or is it just me always craving for food?

Every week they also put their favorites in the picture …

Let this guide surprise you in a bistronomical way

Enjoy your meal

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