What food and love have in common

It is no secret, the love of a man goes through his stomach….. with me this is no exception and my girlfriend knows that she can’t make me happier than with food (drink) related gifts. Last weekend I didn’t feel like cooking, so I asked my girlfriend in the morning to surprise me by bookoing a table in a restaurant of her choice … didn’t matter where it was…

She really did a great job! She knew that for a time now I wanted to go back to Ghent for dinner, as I really love walking through Ghent in the evening as everything gets illuminated  at night, this together with the water in the city, the old buildings, … just great! So she started searching and eventually  found a tip on Tiany Kiriloff’s website (as she didn’t want to go to something I knew).

On Tiany’s website she found restaurant Eatlove, which is a pizzeria and the second restaurant of Valentina Gatti (fashion journalist). The interior is actually very simple as it is made of pressed wood and yet very fashionable + cosinessr 🙂 I liked.

But ofcourse the interior is not going to take away my hunger 🙂

Eatlove is actually a pizzeria (but also serves a few other Italian dishes) and when it comes to Italian food I might say I’m pretty picky , not that I’m a difficult eater, as I will eat it anyway…

When we received our first course I have to say I was very pleased. As all the starters you could find on the menu were prepared in 3 ways, 1 traditional way and 2 more ‘experimental’ ways. I took the vitello (from the vitello tonnato) which had the traditional way, a lemon filling and a wasabi toping on the plate. My girlfriend ordered the carpaccio, with traditional carpaccio, veggie carpaccio with goat cheese and a salmon with special dressings. Again, I liked

For our main course, I took pizza Parma (I just love ham so much) and my girlfriend took the pizza Gamberi (shrimps)… They were both really nice! Honestly ! What is special about the pizza at Eatlove is that are not made with regular 00 flour (usually used), but made with semolino (or at least that’s how it tasted) and olive oil, which gives their pizza’s a different dimension. I’m sure this is not the last time I eat pizza here!!

FYI, if you come between 5pm and 7pm you get 5 appetizers with your drinks …and you can also

You also can’t miss their other restaurant ‘De Mineral’ as when going to the bathroom (at EatLove) and continue the hallway, you come in the entrance of ‘De Mineral’… sharing toilettes 🙂 I think I’ll have to try that as well (the other restaurant, not the toilettes)

So I really have to thank the beautiful lady on the picture below for this wonderful evening combining good food and love (yet again) and also Tiany Kiriloff for sharing the restaurant 🙂

And after our diner, we took a nice walk in Gent…

Restaurant EatLove

Website:  http://www.eatlove.be/


Ajuinlei 10a

9000 GENT, Belgium

Phone n°: +32 (0)479 879 387

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