To freeze or not to freeze, that is the question!

Let’s be honest, our world really changed thanks to the freezer. I might even say we should be thankful that it has actually been invented. Freezing vegetables, meat, etc… actually means saving money! But even after all the years the freezer exists, lots of people have so many questions on how they can freeze, what they can freeze…. And there also so many untrue statements about freezing…

Let me just help a few of these fairy tales out of the world

  • Don’t keep products that have passed their expiration date too long before processing. 6 to 12 months is the average freezing time, so don’t keep products in your freezer for years.
  • You can’t freeze fresh herbs? Me personally I keep all my fresh herbs in the freezer all in little freezing bags or just the original plastic package. This way I can just take the quantity I need and put it back in the freezer (FYI, don’t keep the package to long out of the freezer, just take what you need and put it back )
  • Before putting this in your freezer, they have to be cold.  Otherwise they will not keep long.
  • How about fresh vegetables? The best is before putting fresh vegetables in the freezer, is to Blanche them for 4-6 minutes (FYI, this also the reason why frozen vegetables are cooked quicker than fresh ones).  After the blanching, you put them under ice-cold to cool
  •   The above process also goes for Ravioli for example. If you want to freeze Ravioli, you first cook them  for a few minutes, put them in ice cold water, and dry them with towel and put them in bags for freezing.
  • Frozen vegetables contain fewer vitamins than fresh ones? This statement is SOOOO wrong!! The vegetables mend for freezing, immediately get heated in a record tempo in the factories after they have been harvested and therefor hardly loose vitamins. Fresh vegetables take a few days before you’ll be preparing them and lose lots of essential nutrients.
  • If you freeze something, best is to put it in a package that can be closed. Also don’t use and elastic to close the bags or boxes, as they lose their strength due to the low temperature
  • Something Very important, Once you have defrosted you cannot put it back in freezers, unless you have cooked it again… otherwise, many bacteria J
  •  To defreeze, best is to cover it on a plate or bowl in the fridge. This will take about 8 hours before it is ready to use. If you would need it quicker you can also defreeze by putting it in your sink filled with cold water or use the microwave. NEVER  defreeze on room temperature, as this will make the bacteria will multiply in a huge tempo.


If you might have doubts or questions, let me know and I’ll try to help you!

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