The modesty of Modeste

Nothing better than dinner with friends, right?! The most difficult question every time again, where will be eating???  I know the company is the most important of the night, but for me the food I’ll be eating is as important :-).  So a few days ago I had dinner with a friend at the recently opened “Grand Café Modeste”  (I think they opened around January).If you like the beers from the Duvel Moortgat Brewery , Grand Café Modeste is  THE place to go as the Brewery is owner of the building and also the home brewery for this restaurant . One beer that is actually one of the reason I’ve already been to Grand Café Modeste 3  times in 3 weeks , as this is one of the few places where they sell Triple d’Anvers (a special beer from De Koninck Brewery). As they didn’t have it the first and the second time I came here, I decided this week to have another try 🙂 , but this time with result!! I’m not a beer dinker, but I really liked this one …  (But don’t worry, I didn’t dry out the other 2 times 😉 )

Another reason for me going back 3 times was just that I like the vibes hanging at this restaurant and the staff was very friendly and helps you with a smile  (the fact the waitresses were very  cute was a bonus 😉 )… I can also say for a fact that the acoustics in the whole restaurant is good (I already sat at all angels)… so  don’t worry if you want to come with a larger group. The only minor point I could say is that you notice that the restaurant isn’t open that long and you can still see that everything is not running 100%, but that didn’t really disturb me (otherwise I wouldn’t have returned 3 times)

The food, the reason I came to Grand Modeste in the first place. As I came here 3 times, I took the liberty of trying other dishes every time I came. They serve the classical Belgian cuisine with dishes like Belgian Stew made with Maredsous beer, vol au vent, asparagus with Mousseline sauce, A Hamburger Antwerp style, Ostend vispannetje, etc… We’ve done the test and I liked all dishes, what made the burger special, was actually the fact that the buns were focaccia with Rosemary, which really added a big value!  Grand Café Modeste also tries to incorporate Beer in most dishes … which would seem logical as their house brewery has such great beers …

Initially I wasn’t convinced of Grand Café Modeste, but I have to say that I have changed my opinion… I’m sure I’ll be going there again.

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