Marie aka Mieke

How was your weekend? Mine was wonderful, although, maybe a bit too many babies if you ask meJ. But my weekend wouldn’t be as perfect if I wouldn’t have had food. This weekend it was restaurant Marie that I found by accident but due to lots of positive reviews I just had to try it.  Marie is a little vintage style restaurant just a few meters from the De Koninck brewery. When I entered the restaurant, it was like seeing my parent’s living room in the 80’s 🙂

What is really nice about this restaurant is that from the moment you walk in you feel welcome and feel like coming home. This thanks to the no-nonsense and friendly approach from the owner Mieke. Yes Mieke! Then where does the name Marie come from? Well very simple, this was how her father used to call her, so in legacy to her father she called the restaurant Marie, but she had to admit that Marie sounded better as a restaurant name than Mieke (Which is true…)

We (Me and 3 of my favorite women) didn’t only come here to chitchat, but also to eat. The menu they serve can be found written on blackboards on the wall… A menu exiting out of 5-6 first courses and about 7-8 main courses and a few desserts. The portions are quit big, so if you’re a little eater, I’m sure only a main course will do .

We went for the Black Angus with roquefort sauce (with the cheese, not the beer), Brill fish with sauce vierge  and broccoli, veal steak with teriyaki and diced vegetables and quail with honey, ginger and chicory. To accompany this meal we drank a very tasty Spanish red wine

One by one (yes I tasted from all 4) very tasty colorful dishes and generous portions with the ‘Keep it simple moto’.  Not even one second did I feel uncomfortable in this restaurant, so if you feel like having a no-nonsense dinner with friends in a vintage setting… restaurant Marie is your spot 🙂


Restaurant Marie:


Boomgaardstraat 42

2600 Berchem, Belgium

Phone n°: +32 (0) 475 80 40 22



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