Birthday mission part 2

Keeping a secret from your girlfriend is never easy, especially for me, because talking is something I tend to do a lot (so I’m told ;-)). So you can imagine how difficult it was to shut up about her 3 birthday celebration days??  I really like to see the look on her face when she gets surprised, as only then I know I’ve completed my mission successfully. For the part with her family, I decided to do it at restaurant InVIncible. The fun part about this evening was that she had no clue what I had planned 🙂 , but she was reaaaaally happy that her family was waiting for her in the restaurant.

This was my first time that I came to restaurant Invincible but fact that both Kenny and his wife Wendy had worked at restaurant Pazzo 🙂 (you all know how much I love this place) already reassured me… Restaurant Invincible is actually where the renowned restaurant Gin Fish had been (until 2010).

What I like about Invincible (besides they’re great selection of wines), is that the restaurant is big, but yet small… for people who are dining alone they have a big bar/counter where they can eat while seeing the chef preparing their dinner, for people who prefer dining more quit they have some nice tables and for a business dinner you can easily dine or lunch at the table on the mezzanine… FYI, the acoustic is also good

About the food I can only say we had some niiiiiice eating 🙂 I had first taken a vegetarian dish (yes, be you didn’t expect that) I took the gratinated Portobello mushrooms with a chili-Jack Daniel’s butter. Another popular first course at my table was Rillettes of fresh and smoked salmon with a salad of Parisian mushrooms and Parmesan cheese (presentation in a very appetizing way)

As main course I took some nice Côte à l’os (soft like butter) with some pomme rôti, béarnaise & garden salad . Other dishes at our table were the Quail and the cod fish candied fennel sauce & soft Absinthe sauce.

We finished with a chocolaty dessert

Our dinner got accompanied by some nice 2011 South African Syrah, The Wolftrap, that I had chosen from the wall of wines that I could overlook from where was sitting

Every filled plate had been emptied, so I’m sure everybody like the food! (including me)

So to make a long story short (for my standard), my mission has been completed successfully!

Restaurant InVIncible



Haarstraat 9

2000 Antwerp, Belgium
Phone n°: +32 (0) 3 231 32 07






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