Il macho bien soigné

You can really see that people like it to go out for dinner, as even during the week it is so difficult to find a restaurant that is not fully booked! Even with a long list of restaurants I want to try, it still stays difficult. Thanks to my guarding angel, I managed to get a spot at restaurant ‘Il Macho’. I have to be honest, that I had never heard about this restaurant, I actually discovered it while looking on the website of restaurant ‘Bien soigné’ which is of the same owner. The pictures I saw from Il Macho looked very inviting, so I figured, why not try it… My fellow eater and I got a spot at the bar, I know lots of people don’t like this spot, but for me this is one of the best spots in a restaurant

Yummy food, friendly staff (not sure who of both guys was the macho 🙂 )and a relaxing interior with a good price-quality-quantity value, that is how I would describe restaurant Il Macho.  Although they have nice dishes on their ‘à la carte’ menu, my friend and I choose something the suggestions on the blackboard, where you could clearly see that Il macho only wants to work with products in their season. My friend took the grilled asparagus, with smoked salmon and beurre blanc. I on the other hand took the garden salad with Gambas, what was nice that they also put grilled/in oil marinated paprika in the salad which gave it a nice extra flavor.

The restaurant also has a nice selection of wines all for a normal price, per glass you’ll pay between 4-6 EUR. We started our Macho adventure with for me a spumante from the in Friuli based Tenuata Pinni and my friend a prosecco from piemonte by Araldica. The fact that they took sparkeling wines from these regions, shows that they really try to be different than all the other restaurants. As Friuli is more known for its white wines and Piemonte for its red wines and not really for their sparkling wines! Good job guys!

We continued our dinner with for me Cod fish with asparagus, samphire, apple and hollandaise sauce. My fellow eater had risotto of wild king scallop, asparagus and lamb ears (the vegetables, not the animal).

I still had some room left (surprise surprise) and took the apple tartlet as a dessert (I love apple desserts)

I can only say to try this restaurant yourself… and I’m sure you’ll like it


Restaurant Il Macho



Graaf Van Egmondstraat 19

2000 Antwerp, Belgium

Phone n°: +32 (0) 3 293 63 81

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