Ristorante del grano, a lunch in paradise

Saturday I was lucky enough to have lunch at ‘ristorante del grano’ in the middle of the wheat fields or ‘paradise’ as I would prefer calling it. My reason for being here was to try a few new creations of fresh foods producer ‘Come a Casa’ (you know, I’m sure you’ve seen them in the supermarket).

When arrived at the fields, I have to admit that I somehow indeed felt like ‘come a casa’ because the first thing I saw was a ‘Piaggio Ape’ just like my Italian grandfather used to have  (without the logo that is 🙂 )

But I came here to try some new dishes…  So let’s follow the arrow and find our way home

Somehow following the arrow seemed really like going to paradise (but this time I reaaaaally wanted to follow that light)

I have to be honest that when I got asked to try packaged lasagnas, I wasn’t too enthusiastic

I mean, being an Italian and eating lasagna that is not freshly made just doesn’t work (or so I thought)… I have never in my life eaten pre-packed lasagna’s or even other dishes. But I did want to give come a casa the benefit of the doubt, because you can’t judge a book by its cover….

So with an open mind I was ready to try the new products lasagnas ‘Come a Casa’ wanted to introduce, the ‘Lasagna Verdure’ and ‘Lasagna Bolognaise’. For both lasagnas ‘Come a Casa’ used whole wheat flour instead of regular flour to make the pasta.

Why whole wheat? It is said this is more healthy for us, so reason enough 🙂 (FYI, I personally also make my pizza dough with whole wheat flour instead of regular… for me it just gives an extra punch of flavor to your dish).

To my opinion there was no better place for the big introduction than in ‘Ristorante del Grano’

But check out the pictures and you be the judge ….

I shouldn’t forget to show you guys our little place in paradise

So setting perfect-> Check

To open our taste buds, we received some antipasti and some caprese as starter dish (For the wine lovers amongst you, we first got served a Prosecco gran Riserva with the antipasti and a 2010 Pinot Grigio  from Veneto with our starter)

But of course we were here to try the news lasagnas… (I love having more than 1 main course) a bonus was that it got served in style

First we received the Lasagna Verdure served with a 2011 organic southern Italian rosé wine:  Era Terre di Chieti

After that we tried the Lasagna bolognaise served with a 2010 Montepulciano d’Abruzzo Col di Sotto by casa vinicola Botter

I did indeed like both lasagna’s, first of all because you can taste that they used fresh ingredients and not only tomato (for the vegetable one), although I personally preferred the bolognaise, I think it is because I need meat 🙂 but I’ sure my veggie friends will enjoy the Lasagna verdure as much…

The only thing I do find strange is that the lasagna got served with salad… but as it looked so good I ate it after my lasagna’s (it would have been a crime throwing this away)

And as if this was not enough, they spoiled us with a trio of desserts lined up for us 🙂

Mascarpone with fresh strawberries and a meringue crumble, panna cotta with red fruit coulis and a classic Tiramisu.

The perfect end of a perfect lunch. If paradise would exist I sure hope it would be like the Ristorante del Grano!

Even though I would prefer making my own lasagna, BUT if I ever won’t be able to make it (or be too lazy, I admit) the Come a casa whole wheat lasagna would definitely be my first choice as a replacement… I’m sure you also won’t regret it

Thanks to the come a casa team and the wonderful hosts for all their care!

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