Cooking contest for mussel lovers

If you like mussels, are a creative mastermind in the kitchen and want to be called the Best Belgian Mussel Chef of 2012 participating to this contest is a must!

You will be able to show your skills in front of a professional jury who will choose the best chefs. During the pre-selections you will be judged on how well you know your product and with how much respect and care you handle it. Another reason for participating you get to cook in the Miele Culinary institute  (so you’ll be using top material), get a goody bag and I didn’t even speak about what the winner gets 🙂

The competition is only for hobby chefs, so this way you get to compete against people from the same level as you…

You can subscribe and find more info for the contest via the following link and who knows; maybe you’ll be Belgium’s next Hobby Chef. Subscriptions need to be done before September 10th

For my readers from the Netherlands there is also a competition, they can check the following link for more info

Good luck!

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