Taste Eat love, love eat tastings

Ghent is a beautiful city and for me it always feels a little bit like coming home. Especially in the evening Gent is a magical city, with all its illuminated buildings!  Ghent also has some very nice restaurants, but when I used to live there I usually went to the same restaurants. So now every time I return I try to go to different spots… Something I cannot ignore is that Ghent has a lot of trendy and very cozy restaurants (I might say even more than in any other city in Belgium).

Do you guys remember my previous post about restaurant Eat Love? (find it via this link) In that post I mentioned that Valentina Gatti (fashion journalist and owner) also had a second restaurant ‘Mineral’. So this time I actually wanted to try it as I liked Eat Love so much, but when checking their website I had discovered that they had changed concept and renamed the restaurant and it is now known as ‘Eat Love Tastings’. Now they are spreading even more love 🙂 (and they also seem to have a waffle shop, they really have a lot of Love to give so it seems 🙂 )

Eat love Tastings is located at Ghent’s Onderbergen and you really cannot miss the entrance. Check the below picture and you’ll see why

When entering you walk through the hallway which has for me one of THE most beautiful floors ever (for a hallway) Just like their other restaurant, Eat Love Tastings has a beautiful interior  (a mix from old, newish and natural furniture) that makes you immediately feel like home. Top that with very friendly staff and great food and you have a hit!

As the name might already suggest, the concept of this restaurant is tasting food, therefore they work with ‘tapas’ kind of dishes which give you the opportunity to taste a bit of everything on the menu (which I like as sometimes I don’t know what to pick). You can obviously choose ‘à la carte’ or you can take the 6 or 9 tastings menu consisting of different dishes from on the menu that gets picked by the chef (unless you really have something you want to taste). We decided to go for the 6 tastings and because I really feel to share it all, feast your eyes on the pictures below

As you can see, they also pay a lot of attention to the way how they present their dishes (mission accomplished). In case you were wondering what all these dishes were: Stracciata di burrata, salami ventricina, lardo di colonnata, pumpkin and broad beans as bar bites. These dishes were followed by Haddock with celeriac puree, wheat risotto and Simmental entrecote. Last but not least we had a Clementine and speculoos dessert. All very tasty dishes!

On the wine card you find a wide variety of wines from Italy to France to South Africa and even 1 Indian wine. I could also see for a fact that who has picked the wines is a lover from the Veneto and Friuli wine region as all the Italian wines they had were from these regions. I’m personally also a lover from these regions!

Anyway, I can only suggest to try it yourself and feel the love while you’re eating

Restaurant Eat Love Tastings:

Website: http://www.eatlove.be/

Address: Onderbergen 25, 9000 Gent, Belgium

Phone n°: +32 (0) 486 800 100

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