Your next meal is just around the corner

What do you do with your leftovers? Well thanks to the newspaper “De Standaard”, I discovered “Thuisafgehaald”. Thuisafgehaald is like a virtual food shop that helps people who don’t like to cook to buy some food and people who have lots of leftovers to get rid of them.

How does it work? First of all both the person who will cook a meal and who wants to eat the meal have to subscribe themselves for “thuisafgehaald”. Both specify their neighborhood, as normally it is the aim that food sharing happens within a same area (but not mandatory) to make to logistic part easier as the “eater” needs to go and pick up the food.

From the moment you share a dish, you will be known as a cook on the website, otherwise you’ll be an eater (this is a name I gave to it myself). The chef specifies what dish he’s sharing, when it can be picked up, before what time the ‘order’ has to be given and the price (for ingredients) and a picture if wanted.

The eater can then order this dish. Once the cook accepts this order, the eater will get an email with the confirmation of his order and the address of the cook where the dish can be picked up.

In the Netherlands this is already a very popular concept, but in Belgium it is growing every day. It is true that the only thing you won’t be able to control as an eater is the ‘quality’ of the dish. But I guess that bad dishes will be ‘punished’ with negative comments or few orders.

For more info look on

I find a very good initiative to have less food thrown away!

Keep up the good work.

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