Pocket resto, always a resto in your pocket

Pocket resto

Lots and lots of restaurant reviews get written, I know as I’m one of the writers. Finding your way through all those articles might sometimes be a struggle. I’m not that different from you guys as I also try to search for new and different restaurant than the ones I already tried.  Not until now that is! To solve this problem a website “Pocket Resto” was called to life. I’m pretty sure if you Googled for restaurants Pocket Resto is the first website you’ll find in the list (not in the paid area in Google). What Pocket Resto does is bundle everything that is written on a restaurant, like blogs or news articles, and put it on one page that will link to the website of the magazine or blog. On top of that they already list the most important things for you to know (besides the address and phone number), they mention awards, Michelin star, points, etc… this restaurant has gathered until now. Just enter the name of the restaurant or city and the website will give you all the wanted info

Start search

List of search results

Actual info and search result

For the moment it are only restaurants in Belgium, but the founder of Pocket Resto told me that they also had ambition to  make it a Global things, but this takes time obviously… Rome was not build in one day.

90% of the time I use Pocket Resto to know more about restaurants, hope you’ll also find your way to Pocket Resto (but don’t forget to once in a while also check my blog 😉 )

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