Surfcamp for chicks with guts

Chicks on waves

I do realize I’m not a chick and I will not be able to participate (unfortunately), but if you are a chick between 20 and 45 years old and always felt like learning how to surf and on top of that relax with some yoga..

Then I have a treat for you! “ Chicks on waves”  combines the Portuguese waves with relaxing yoga sessions all under the deep blue Faro (Portugal) sky. So if you think this is just another ordinary surf camp, think again!!! Why? First of all knowing the chick behind or better who set her wings under this goes for the best and secondly her team  is the best!

Again, I know I’m not a chick, (I’m actually trying to get my chick to go 🙂 and she’s thinking about it) and let’s be honest when you look at the pictures below, wouldn’t you want to be part of this???

chicks on was (3)

chicks on waves (0)

chicks on waves (4)

chicks on waves (7)

chicks on waves (1)

chicks on waves (2)

Chicks on waves (5)

chicks on waves (6)

Interested? You’d better be quick as there is a limited amount of spots. Find all info on Chicks on waves on the following website

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