Zia Livia’s homemade Gnocchi

I’m sure you have already heard me talking about my beloved zia Livia from Trieste? In case you didn’t she basically is a person that has a very central place in my heart. Next month she’ll become 80, but she has more energy than all of us together (REALLY) and when you see her you’d think she’s around 60 instead of 80. Anyhow for me she is the absolute best cook in the world as she first of all always makes all my favorite dishes and secondly because she makes everything fresh from scratch and gets her ingredients from farmers close to where she lives (so basically the best you’ve ever eaten).  Two weeks ago I was visiting her again and man did she spoil me again (food wise that is). Today I want to share with you one of her recipes or better her recipe for making Gnocchi di patate which she serves with a “sugo di carne”, but you guys can serve it with regular tomato sauce or bolognaise or whichever sauce you want.  Originally the Umbrian “patata rossa” is used to make gnocchi, but if you don’t find them it is important to use very floury potatoes.

Ingredients (for 4 people):

  • 1 kg potatoes (floury)
  • 250g flour
  • 1 egg
  • Salt
  • 30 g farm butter

Getting started:

  • Leave the potatoes unpeeled and cook them like you would normally cook them to make mashed potatoes. You can see when there are almost ready when the ‘skin’ starts to rip.
  • Peel the potatoes

Peel the potatoes

Puree the potatoes

  • Add a pinch of salt and butter to the potatoes and start kneading, add the egg once the potatoes are a bit cooler (not ice cold of course) and slowly add the flour. Keep kneading until you have a firm dough ball.

mix potato with salt_butter and egg

Add in flour

  • Cut off a piece and make a kind of “sausage” out of it (see pic below)

Cut a piece of the firm ball

Make a sausage

  • Cut the “sausage” in small equal  (keep doing this until dough is done)

Cut the suasage


  • My aunt now finish them but rolling them over the backside of a cheese grater, but you can also use a for or just leave them like they are  (the difference would just be that the ‘incisions will be able to absorb a little bit more sauce)

pass over cheese grater

pass over cheese grater (2)

  • Boil salted water and put the ‘gnocchi in the water (one by one) once the water starts boiling.

Boil water and add gnocchi

  • When the ‘gnocchi’ start floating it means they are ready for serving.

When start floating they are ready

  • Drain them

but in bowl and add sauce

  • Put them in a bowl and add the sauce of your choice. Zia Livia adds her heavenly “sugo di carne”

Buon appetito

Buon appetito

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